Why I Never Smoked

Once when I was three years old, my father called me over to him, I loved that man, he was a giant with big muscles and even bigger loving disposition. I crawled all over him; he would use my fingers for his whistle. I used to sit on his shoulders, hang on his back and hold onto his legs. He was my favorite everything. Who needed toys when the gentle giant was your dad? He was a soldier, and I remember watching him shine his boots every night. He stayed in shape by lifting weights and punching a bag in the basement. I used to hold it for him when I was older. He was tough, and I have never been able to repect a man who wasn’t able to sweat blood. (Okay I am now exaggerating, but dad was so Rambo-like!)I will never forget what he told me that day. He pointed to my mother who was smoking a cigarette. She really got into it, when she inhaled it was though she was eating some thing amazing, her face was so intense as if the experience put her mind in the cosmos. I think that also because the woman never opened the windows, if she was present on planet earth in our home she would have let in some air!

Same with the car: I spent many road trips sick due to her smoking in the car and not unrolling the window. Wait, she did crack the window, as if it helped. I just laid in the back seat on the plastic seat-covers with raised dots. During a hot Texas summer, the last place my bottom wanted to be was on those clear plastic seat covers. Between the fumes of the plastic and my mom’s cigarettes, it is amazing I can take deep breaths!

“See your mother smoking? If I ever catch you smoking like your mother, I will put my fist down your throat!” Dad had a way with words and three year olds. I never forgot his threat and he reminded me whenever he came home from Vietnam. He went four times; four times too many in my daughterly opinion. I never forgot the size of his fist pressed up against my little face. It wouldn’t fit down my throat, and I believed his threat. Therefore, I never smoked.

 He may not have put his fist down my throat, but he would have been VERY disappointed in me. I think that would had been worse than the fist. I want to thank my dad for that idle threat. I saved a ton of money. I still have no idea how much a pack or a carton costs, but from what I hear smokers say, they are getting IT from the tax man! I have saved my face from the evils of the smoke. My mother had some major lines around her mouth and I have noticed the skin of life-smokers is thick, grayish and wrinkly.

My first husband, also my babies’ daddy, told both of our girls the same thing when they were three. It worked for me, I was the result of my Big Daddy’s threat. It couldn’t hurt, right? Well, something went wrong because I have HEARD that both of them tried cigarettes, and I would have rather of heard they were gay. Gay is healthier and happier!

I have a thought. What if everyone who smokes….quit? We know that the cigarette companies purposefully put extremely addictive substances in cigarettes beyond the nicotine, and also there are poisons placed in the tobacco mix. Why is the government allowing this? Wasn’t the government on the other side of the lawsuit? They were the plaintiffs and Phillip Morris had to pay big bucks for adding the poison and addictive additives- why is it okay now, again?

In the 60’s the youth went against THE MAN! 18 year olds were being drafted but were not allowed to vote. The youth of the 60’s questioned the establishment. Those were good times.

If people stop smoking, they will pull out from the long arm of our government that has allowed a substance to be produced which addicts and kills; people who die of emphysema drown in their own phlegm. It is awful. What else can be grown on those tobacco fields? Any ideas?

I say we start a new revolution. Lets burn the cigarettes in big rallies across the country. We can add our bras to make it interesting. In the meantime, if you don’t want your three year old to smoke… just tell her, I think that would be sufficiently effective- maybe.


6 thoughts on “Why I Never Smoked

  1. Okay Kim – don’t check this email much but something had me read this tonight. I think I am supposed to comment, so here goes. Been thinking long and hard about quiting (smoking)and even made that my New Year’s resolution this year….it’s September & I haven’t quit. Even bought that expensive Chantix but have been talked out of trying it because of all the side effects (it expires at the end of this month). Maybe you should hit this subject one more time – if I read it again, I think I should take it as a sign. “Thick, grayish & wrinkly” – YULK! That might be enough to give me the push! Especially since I’m out trying to meet a partner! Ha! Guess I really need to sit down and weigh the good against the bad. Really, not much good except it does seem to calm my nerves. Maybe I need to think about “why” and what “good” it really does…probably none. AND – they are very expensive! Guess I just always think I’ll be that small % that it won’t affect. You wouldn’t even want to know how much they cost. Two packs could be one avg. bottle of wine. Ha!

    Do you really write something every day? (Not sure what kind of comments you are looking for but I’m just responding with my confusion.) Good for you. You are so stong-willed! Miss you.


    • Quitting smoking is taking an active political stance- the tobbaco companies and our government want you to keep on smoking- those of us who love you want you to quit, go to anti-smoking rallies and burn your bra! Okay, we just want you to quit.

  2. As someone who was addicted to smoking and was able to quit.. I don’t at all blame the cigarette or the government for my addiction… it was mind over matter and I realized that my health mattered and I didn’t need it all the time. Right now I can have the occasional smoke (VERY rare) or occasional McDonalds burger (less rare)… BUT what if the government took away all guilty pleasures because people over ate and died of obesity or over smoked and died of emphasema? It’s just not thier place. I know I ran away with such a small part of what you said and we agree… quitting is the best thing… I just don’t think we need a government to decide this for us

  3. Mom told me if I was going to smoke–quite sneaking hers and buy my own–I thanked her–cuz I was just being rebellious and hated smoking–my mouth wrinkles are my own aging process–smoking had nothing to do with this rather unattractive process

  4. our dads were a lot alike. My mom smokes and I did not even know it until I was 17 years old. He never let her smoke in front of us. I was so wreid to see her actually smoke after my dad and mom divorced. Sadly she still smokes today @ 68.
    She has tried so many times to stop. She is taking some pills now that help you stop but she said it makes her have terrible dreams. But she is sticking with it or so she saids. I never smoked because I too was afraid of my dad. He hated smoking and then he dies of lung cancer. So figured. He never smoked a day in his life.

  5. My daddy’s always had perfect straight teeth and now at the age of 50 you’d never know. Within the last five years his teeth have shifted and rotted like you wouldn’t believe. When he went to the dentist the dentist told him that it was because of his many many years of smoking. He has some sort of gum disease that was caused by smoking cigarettes. The name of the disease slips my mind at the moment. But it’s totally gross! lol

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