Things I Will Have When I am 64

My Accessories

Like Barbie, I come with certain accessories. These are the things that I have had since I was 16, and I am pretty sure I will still be able to reach for them when I am 64.


I would come with overalls. I have worn overalls since I was 16, and they are my “go-to” pants when I am thick or thin. I think I look fabulous in them- when I was 16 I wore a Marshall Tucker Band tube top under my overalls, now I wear a t-shirt. I need the arm coverage!


Converse shoes…high tops. I have to have a pair in my closet. I wore my black and white checked converse high tops through my 30’s, now I go for basic black., but I am feeling the pink and yellow colors these days. I grew to love the high-top during my high school years. I played basketball and the school issued converse high tops for games. When I got my converse game shoes, I felt important, athletic and a part of a team. I feel a bit of that every time a lace up now.


I have had a cup of coffee every morning since the 80’s when my soldier husband was stationed in Germany. The Germans turned me on to how good coffee should smell. When I put some American can coffees up to my nose and inhale the aroma, I just cannot believe how awful it is. No wonder I didn’t develop the habit until I found the good stuff. I am a coffee snob- no coffee crystals for me! And Mrs. Olsen was German…she would never have pushed Folgers. It was all a lie, because the best part of waking up for me now is anything but Folgers in my cup. As for coffe teeth- I have a great dentist, he can be an accessory, too. I use his whitener- about 3 times a year- Thanks Dr. K!


I received my first blow dryer from my mother for Christmas in 1974. It was a Super Max. It was gold and shiny and had attachments! My life and appearance changed forever. I was constantly late for the bus because my hairstyle had to be just right! I had wings and was one of the first girls in my school to have them. My sister, who also sported a tattoo and the braless look, was the hippest gal I knew. She took me to the best place in town where I received my wings. I still use a blow dryer, and have owned up to three dryers at once during my stint as mom of two teenage girls. I do not have wings now, but the styler of choice is the hand held dyer, and if in my 60’s I have less hair, so what, it will still be stylish and blown dry daily. I just don’t see a change.


Is it me or did all of the greatest tunes come out in the 60’s and early 70’s? I collected 45’s as child. My first record was from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young- Love the One Your With. I then joined the music club and bought 8-tracks- then cassettes, now I have the CD’s and my daughter recently bought me an IPOD. My first turn table was made by Technics, and I remember the criteria I had for buying the turn table and receiver- the volume control had to swim across the face of the receiver. Spin and swim- it was beautiful, and sounded so good! I love the IPOD. I now buy the music that makes me happy, one record at a time.

Gym Membership 

Since 1973 I have frequented a gym. Army brat that I am, I used the gyms when I was young to work out and play. Though I should be almost Madonna like, I am not, but I continue to make the gym a part of my life, be it a nagging one at times.

 These are items that have stayed with me up to now and I do not see it changing. I am writing this while donning my newest set of overalls, black converse shoes and drinking a cup of coffee, feeling beautiful in my blow dried styled hair.

Barbie for real.


2 thoughts on “Things I Will Have When I am 64

  1. LOL, Love the Mrs. Olson and Folgers joke.
    I hear you on the converse, I had my High School Basketball converse until I was around 27 :0. LOL

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