A Poem: What is Class?

Smile...Smile...Smile ;-)!

Smile…Smile…Smile ;-)! (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (Smile..smile…Smile..))

(Read with a “Dr. Seuss” rhythm)

So, what is class?

The way one holds their head when they walk?

Stick out a pinky, not spit when they talk?

A money clip showing, shoes clean and shiny,

Hair washed and combed, a small, yet firm hiney?


Does money buy class?

It does on a plane.

First class is first, better food and champagne.

Better hotel rooms! You can have a jacuzzi

Right next to the tv, relax watch a movie.


But, what is class?

A nod of the head?

A person who has another make-up his bed?

Or is it heart? Is it soul? Someone who cares?

Someone outside the mold?


If class were an option

How would you choose?

Is it like slipping on a good pair of shoes?

Or maybe it’s giving to those in need

A blanket or coat to ward off the greed.


Classy does shine

Like a diamond at night

It need not be seen to know that it’s bright.

Worth more than stocks and bonds that are climbing

Worth more than oil and the cars that we’re buying.


You want to be classy?

Show off your good looks?

Fill up life’s pages to make interesting books?

Smile at this one kindness to all

Lifeboats for each passenger on this earthy ball!


Sure class can be counted

By dollars and cents

By how much you pay for your monthly rent

It also is counted by the number of times

That you feel love for others and act really kind!



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