Just Give it to Jesus

She listened to my story with such interest. Nodding her head in agreement and empathy, smiling and and at crucial times reaching over to pat my leg.  Friends are better than therapy- even though this woman never took a psych class she displayed all the skills of a Rogerian therapist with the best part being that this therapy was free. When I finished my tale of hurt and sorrow, which I will share another day when I am feeling less chirpy, she leaned back in her chair and said something to me I have never forgotten. With a severe Georgian twang, which sounded a lot like the girls from Fried Green Tomatoes, she said to me, “Just give it to Jesus.” I must have looked at her like my Goldberg looks at me when I ask him if he wants to go out during a thunderstorm….a sideways glance that says, “Are you crazy? I thought you cared!”

“Really, just give it to Jesus! I will tell you how I did.” Then she went on to relate how she gives things to Jesus. First take some paper, in my case I would need a notebook, then write down whatever it that is bothering you at the time. Then, now this is the giving part….go in your back yard and light the list on fire! Give it to Jesus!

I still looked at her sideways. I don’t do well acting out metaphors this important. “How did you feel after the blaze went out?” I asked. She told me it was just a small list, mine would be bigger, so I was already planning a small bonfire, smoke signals to Jesus- to take away my problems. I was a little worried I may burn my house down if the blaze became out of control. Eyewitness News reports a woman was giving her problems to Jesus and burns down the whole neighborhood- news at 10!

 “Okay, after the small list was burnt, you felt better?”

“I gave it to Jesus! Do it! Jesus will take your burdens off of your shoulders!”

Church talk confuses me sometimes. I want to ‘give it to Jesus’, but the act signifies an internal movement of trust toward Jesus, who by the way I pray to A LOT… In the Bible it says, “Be still my soul and know that He is Lord.” and that God will speak to you in silence in a still, small voice. I think God should be a bit louder and a lot more clear. Did Jesus really show up as a 900 foot floating entity to Oral Roberts? And, like my friend, a wonderful comic, Ron Shock says, wouldn’t a 2 inch Jesus be just as intimidating? Where is my 900 foot floating Jesus? Maybe if I saw Him in my car while pondering my life situations, I would change some things really fast- Jesus could show up at my refrigerator door- you know, when I really need HIM!!

When I pray and really need help and get no answer, my friends tell me that NO is my answer, and I need to accept that. “There is a reason for everything,” I didn’t do well in Philosophy, maybe because when I hear things like that my head feels like a blender pureeing swirls of thoughts. I just don’t get it. Maybe if I heard “NO!” from Jesus and maybe a reason other than “because I said so” I would feel more confident in my choices and in life.

Give it to Jesus- means to trust Him, not worry, know all works out in the END. Good advice really, but I don’t need a fire to do that. What I am saying is I would like a much more vocal God; I think it would be super-cool that when I pray, Jesus would actually answer, outloud, communicate. “Kim, yeah, you really want to know which career to choose, what will make you happy? That is up to you, kid, free choice!”

“But Jesus, I am confused!”

“Groovy!” (I think Jesus went to Woodstock, but He doesn’t have to take drugs to see crazy things…he gets that with His job.)

People who hear voices end up in the hospital or leading masses of frenzied followers, both later ending up on the streets. Jesus must talk some crazy talk! I could handle it though, I promise, just like I always have told Him I could handle the stress of winning the lottery. Now that is a situaton I could give to Jesus!!


10 thoughts on “Just Give it to Jesus

  1. I’m very familiar with the “give it to jesus” part; I’ve always done so. And I agree, whole-heartedly, about the jesus talking back part. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a real conversation with jesus. It would definately increase believers and followers.
    My first question for him would be “What do you think of the movie ‘The Davinci Code’?
    Good stuff Kim.

  2. Hey Kim,
    Hope all is well with you… I was reading this and WOW!!! I really needed this today… To be honest I really do not know how I ended up on your page or this blog thingy… but, after reading this I am soooo glad I did… Hmmmmmm God works in mysterious ways!!!! I needed this… and it was at the perfect time!!!!
    May God continue to Bless your life and that of your family!!!
    Kim Dietrich

  3. Oh… I was so caught up in the give it to Jesus… I forgot to say… yes, I wish he would just come on down and sit in the seat beside me while driving and give me the answers out loud to so many of my prayers…
    lol if only it was that easy … huh???
    thanks again for sharing ….

  4. HA!
    I loved the “planning a bon fire w/smoke signals to Jesus!”

    You are N-O-R-M-A-L and yes, there is such a thing as “normal.”

    It’s the need of a neck-up check-up, which by the way all of mankind has that same need!

  5. This is super … makes you really look forward to the rest! Don’t worry about burning down the house … He will be there to blow it out; my house is still standing, which is a miracle in itself (LOL). Good luck to you – I will continue to enjoy your blogs.

    Have a great day!

  6. I went straight to my kitchen,with all my prayer requests, and lit them on fire–LOl–Love your humor behind all your blogs and look forward to reading them every day

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