Hey Everyone! Welcome to my Blog

Yes, hello world! This is my life- I am going to attempt a different road, maybe the one more traveled, as this dirt road I am on has been a major pain! I was watching the news tonight about a man (Sorry I don’t remember his name!) who is retiring from the Twinkie Factory after 50 years of service. 50 years of making Twinkies! He started mixing Twinkies batter the year before I was born. The amazing thing is that he loves his life and thinks the Twinkie is the best food and thinks that the creme filling is perfect. 50 years of going to the same plant, being around the same people, same town, same same….I just wanted to hug the guy! He is happy, retiring from the Twinkie factory to spend his next years going to visit his friends in the Twinkie factory.

I am 49 years old. 50 in July- and I lived outside the Twinkie factory. Married for 16 years, I had two girls, both so beautiful inside and out. I married a second time to a man I loved, but he was a very bad husband- he was a guitar player. Now I am with a self-employed contractor, 5 years in and still doing OK… the closest experience to the Twinkie factory is the first marriage, and that drove me to either shoot myself or divorce…there was never a thought of retirement.

I spent 13 years performing stand-up comedy and did some TV spots and some radio. Right now I am working on a one-woman show, mainly because I am one-woman, but stress eating has kicked my resolve and I am in need of some diet changes.

This blog is going to be about my life- the changes I am making while working on the show and my book. I completed my masters degree in counseling (it was cheaper than therapy), and now I am wondering what degree to pursue next!

I just can’t retire in a Twinkie factory, but I highly respect the people who do, those who have the peace and contentment to repeat a pattern, like hoeing the same rows, and reaping the same good food- me, I have a pattern, the pattern of change. I think before my first major diet change of the season, I will go buy a Twinkie- and enjoy that perfect creme filling!


3 thoughts on “Hey Everyone! Welcome to my Blog

  1. I haven’t eaten a Twinkie in at least 30 years. I think you are on to something, I think I’a gonna eat one too….I let you know if it is as good as it was when we were in elementary school. kw

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